"Sancy-plus" has been working in the jewelry market of Ukraine for more than 15 years. The company, which can be among the most successful and popular gold manufacturers of gold jewelry, had formed during this period. Jewelries with inlays of gems and gemstones and artificial stones, and jewelry without inserts are addressed to the people of different social layers with different tastes and finances.

But the brightest side of the company’s activity is work on collections of exclusive jewelries, which are treated here with special awe and love.

The jewelry artworks by "Sancy-plus" reflect in a special way the artistic and aesthetic perception of the world and the changing ideals of society. Therefore, conceptually new solution to create models in a classical or creative performance - that is the main components of a successful work of "Sancy-plus".

A number of prizes and diplomas obtained at the prestigious exhibitions in Ukraine and CIS countries, as well as the quality mark "Highest quality" – all this is an assessment of a high artistic level, style and content of jewelries produced by "Sancy-plus" trade mark.